The Most Frequent Questions & Advice About Lesbian Relationship

Lesbian Relationship

One runs in the same circles as one’s exes

The LGBTQ community has a limited number of safe spaces. There are fewer dating sites, events, and clubs that cater to gay people. The best teenage lesbian dating sites you can check in the article “The Best Teen Lesbian Dating Sites Around”. This means you will run into your ex often. You would share the same hangout spots and mutual friends. A friend might date your ex, and you might date a friend’s ex.

The ignorance saga continues

One still has to deal with questions like, ‘who is the man in the relationship’ and ‘how can you start a family or raise a baby with another woman.’ Ignorance has no limits, so square up as you deal with people who refuse to educate themselves.

lovely lesbian girlYou become uncomfortably comfortable

There comes a time in every lesbian relationship when you transition from being passionate lovers to friends who talk about their digestive issues. It is hard to keep the spark alive when your partner pees with the door open. Sex seems pretty off the table when your girlfriend becomes more of a best friend.

The passion is unbelievable

In plain words, passion is explosive. The emotional and physical connection in lesbian relationships is unparalleled. A woman is well aware of another woman’s needs and anatomy, and this knowledge adds to the chemistry. You better buckle in because everything is dangerously addictive.

Breakups hurt. A lot

No matter your sexual orientation, breakups are nasty and inevitable. But women, being more in touch with their emotions, feel things deeply. When two women break up, it is bound to leave one a mess. Keep your tissues ready, ladies, just in case.

gay womenHow long do lesbian relationships work?

Statistically, married lesbians have double the chances of getting a divorce compared to gay men, as concluded by ONS in 2016. Experts believe the reason is that women commit faster while men take time to manage their expectations before they commit.
However, lesbians are not doomed to have failed relationships all their lives. Women in long term relationships recommend couple’s therapy when things get hard. If one is honest, respectful of boundaries, and open to getting help, then a healthy long term relationship is easy to imagine.

Possible problems in a lesbian relationship

Falling in love is easy. Keeping the romance alive despite hardships is the tough part. Some issues that lesbians face while dating are:

Getting attached too fast

There is a reason why the U-haul stereotype is only associated with lesbians. Women get attached faster and rush into relationships. Once the honeymoon phase wears off, they are left regretting their choices, which takes its toll on the relationship.

Lesbian Bed FeltingBed death

As fierce as the passion may be, lesbian relationships are prone to bed death. Sexual intimacy becomes a chore and loses all its flavor. Once one stops putting in effort into the relationship, the sensuality dies down, and everything goes into a downwards spiral.

The struggle to be taken seriously

‘It could be a phase. Are you two not just best friends?’ Comments like these are an everyday occurrence for lesbians. You always struggle to get validation for your sexuality and relationship. But when the entire world doubts you, you start doubting yourself too. This fog of doubt blurs what matters and consequently weakens your bond.