Find a List of the Best POF Headlines Here

POF Headlines

Searching for the best profile headlines implies that you are ready to try out online dating. Online dating offers you various opportunities for different kinds of relationships with diverse human beings. However, tons of dating websites are online, especially for geeks, but not all of them require you to have a headline on your dating profile.

If you are lucky to be on a dating website like Plenty Of Fish (POF), you will be required to have a headline on your profile.

A good headline is very important on dating sites, because it is probably the first thing that will be noticed on your profile. Just like you know, that first impression matters, you must have an impressive headline. When you browse through social media posts, the ones with the eye-catching headlines are the most clicked and read.

Having a good headline is very important, when creating your dating profile.

Coffee and Donut?

The above is a good combination, that people won’t turn down. Making your headline an invitation is a great idea if you want to go out with like-minded people. It could also be beer and pizza; just make sure it’s a combination that will interest people.

Energy Drink or Coffee?

People love to give their opinions and argue out their points. Therefore, this headline asking for opinions is a great way to invite people to your inbox and kickstart the conversation.

Looking for my “Wonder Woman”

Sharing similar interests with singles is a great way to secure a conversation with them. Using movie heroes is a way to invite people into your inbox for an exchange. People, who adore the “wonder woman” will find it easy to talk to you since there is a common interest in starting the conversation.

Just Do It

Slogans and motto always kill it; they summarize and sum up a lot. Having a slogan on your headline can say a lot about you and open room for conversations. Just do it can imply straightforwardly doing something. This could imply you are a straightforward person and people love singles with the character. This profile headline is very effective on teen lesbian dating sites.

I will never ghost you”

One way or another, most of us have been ghosted by someone we thought we had a lot in common with. Ghosting is one of the fears of most people, when it comes to online dating. Therefore, addressing it upfront is a way of giving brief info about who you are. This headline is perfect for starting a conversation.

Jesus take the wheel”

Religion-related headlines are always eye-catching and attract people. However, it most likely will attract a certain group of people; the religious kind. However, it is an awesome approach you can try out.

I challenge you to make me laugh really hard”

People always love to take on challenges, as long as you do not ask them to solve an advanced Engineering calculation. Everyone loves to be humorous; so, this kind of headline allows them to explore their humor skills. You can choose this profile headline, when you are using lesbian sugar momma dating sites.

No matter how far you move the envelope, it’s still stationary”

Wordplay and puns are a great way to attract people’s attention. People are like to fall in love with the kind of headline. Who doesn’t love puns?

Funny POF Headlines

There are different kinds of profile headlines that people use. Some funny POF headlines will make you smile and laugh really hard. Some of these funny POF headlines are listed below

Searching for my Netflix and chill”

Whenever you are scrolling through profiles on websites, and you come across a headline saying “I’m looking to Netflix and chill,” you will probably laugh and give thumbs up top the person for being straightforward. Easily, you will receive funny responses from singles seeking no strings attached fun.

I’d carve your name on a tree close to our date location. It’s a romantic way of telling -I’m not afraid to use my knife. LOL”

Everyone who comes across this will pause at first and then laugh out loud because it’s funny. This is a funny POF headline that surely will attract responses from members.

The last time I matched with someone, I was donating blood”

After smiling and laughing as hard as you can, you would think, where did you get such a sense of humor from? This will attract a lot of responses from members all over.

Made Breakfast for two. I ended up eating both”

This is a funny headline that indicates you are single. However, this humorous headline might not be appropriate if you look like someone who eats extra.

If you don’t look like your profile picture when we meet, you owe me dinner until you do”

This is a very funny and interesting profile headline. Our profile pictures are always extra attractive and usually the perfect angles.

Pizza and drink are all you need to lure me to your home”

Funny, right? You would smile upon seeing this on a girl’s profile and immediately rush to her inbox to see how it goes. Adding humor to your profile headline is always good. This profile headline will be good for gay bear websites.


Hopefully, the above POF headlines can inspire you to create your own unique and eye-catching headline that will attract your dream partner. Good POF headlines are very important in getting the best out of online dating. However, headlines are not the only factor to be considered when creating your dating profile, but it is one of the most important. To get the best out of online dating, you can also check out the POF review to discover other essential things about the site.