How to Compliment a Man: Best Advice

How to Compliment a Man

It’s not only women who need to be complimented in order to feel loved and appreciated; men require compliments too. If you aren’t sure how to compliment a man without it sounding fake or hurting his feelings, if you don’t know what to say, so he feels appreciated, we’ve prepared a couple of compliments you can say to improve your relationship.

How to compliment a man is an art, and it should not be taken lightly. Depending on how you met and how far along in your relationship you are, the compliments will adapt. If you’ve met on nerd dating sites you’ll probably have more success complimenting him on his intellect or on how well he handled a situation, while if you’ve met through friends, you can tell him you love his appearance and that he has great taste in friends.

Let’s check out the best 10 ways on how to compliment a man and make him feel amazing because he deserves it.

I adore the way you think

Compliment a Man

Intelligence is important, and men desire to be regarded as smart and powerful men. You must acknowledge that he is cultured, smart, has a logical way of thinking, and knows how to get his point across. If he can form an argument and has similar values to yours, tell him.

You know what to say

Communication is crucial for both partners, and if you express that he knows how to translate his thoughts into words at the perfect moment, he will be hooked. Both rationale and timing are required to always know what to say, so it’s an amazing compliment.

You’re a great cook/handyman/boyfriend

If he has a particular skill like cooking, cleaning, or fixing appliances around the house, you should compliment him on them. Not all men are great at the same things, and these skills are a godsend.

9 out of 10 women will probably appreciate a man who cooked dinner and did the dishes more than one who brought her flowers. You can take turns pointing out all his skills and even the fact that he is a great boyfriend.

You’re one of the hardest working people I’ve met

Being smart is important but working hard is equally important. He wants you to acknowledge that he is doing his best, working hard to provide and make enough money to give you everything you crave and require. Remind him that you see how hard he is working and thank him.

You know everything about this subject

A great relationship is one where the partners know different things about different subjects. If he has mastered a subject you don’t understand, praise him for how cultured he is on it. He probably notices that you don’t really have extensive knowledge of fishing, but telling him that in your eyes, he is an expert will mean something.

You were right

Statistically, women are right more times than not in a relationship, but every once in a while, when truth and facts are on his side, tell him. He’s been waiting to hear it for a lengthy period.

You are very kind

How to Compliment

Being kind is underrated. A man could be smart, successful, rich, powerful, and beautiful, but if he is mean, has a bad attitude, and is violent, then all the other qualities mean nothing. Explain that he is also kind on top of all his other qualities.

You’re incredibly sexy

While most compliments should be about his personality, you should always cherish the way he looks. How to evaluate a man on appearance? Tell him he’s sexy, that you dig his beard (or cleanly shaved face), that he’s tall and handsome, or he smells nice.

You make me feel safe

Being a provider and the head of the family, the alpha that protects everyone is a natural instinct for men. Tell him that you feel safe with him and he will be very happy.

You are my hero/savior/knight in shining armor

Tied to the previous compliment, this one is the compliment to crown them all. Men dream of saving women (damsels in distress) and being their heroes. If you tell him he has succeeded, he will float by on this high for a while and will never forget it.