Rules of Lesbian Dating

Rules of Lesbian Dating

While heterosexual and lesbian dating have a common base, there are a couple of items on the lesbian dating list that are particular. If you haven’t dated any same-sex individuals yet or want some extra lesbian dating tips, we have you covered.

We’ve prepared a list of the 10 most important lesbian dating tips that you should take into consideration before you sign up on lesbian hookup sites and start chatting to women. You must enter online dating websites when you are ready and know what to say and what to avoid saying.

Rules of Lesbian Dating


Don’t Talk About Exes, Fetishes or Other TMI

You must communicate openly with any potential girlfriend, but there is such a thing as too much information. Don’t keep talking about your exes, about how much you hate your job, about any sensitive or triggering subject like religion or politics.

Stay in the safe zone and discuss simple, polite, interesting topics on your date. This is the getting to know one another face, don’t go too in-depth. Keep a healthy interest going but don’t dive into the fact that you are a furry who enjoys golden showers, not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s too much for a first date.

Because You’re Both Women Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Pay

When it comes to heterosexual dating, it’s expected for the man to pay or for the partners to go dutch, depending on the local culture and on the individuals. The lines are blurred when it comes to lesbian dating, but that doesn’t mean that you can walk away without paying because no man was present.

You should offer to pay, especially if you asked the girl out on a date. If she insists that she desires to go dutch, then so be it, but you must offer to pay.

Be Open to Most Things, But Know Your Limits

It’s a great idea to be open to try new things, go on adventures, and have an epic time. You should be open to most ideas, but you should also know your limits. Don’t say you are athletic and enjoy hiking and doing extreme sports if you are a couch potato.

Don’t say you are willing to give swinging a chance if you are 100% committed to classic 1 on 1 relationship and think that sleeping with others is cheating, and open relationships don’t exist.

Ask Women Out ASAP

If you’re interested in a woman, ask her out immediately. Don’t wait for the right time. Don’t hope that she asks you out. In lesbian relationships, it’s quite easy to fall into the friendzone.

You must state your intentions clear from the beginning and let your love interest know that you desire to date her and not be her friend. Also, if you don’t show clear interest instantly, she might think that you are not that into her.

Prepare Discussion Topics Before the Date

One of the most basic lesbian dating tips is to always be prepared. This applies to all types of dating actually – everyone should have a plan in mind, some topics of discussion, some interesting stories, anything to make the date flow seamlessly, and have no awkward moments and extended periods of silence.

Lesbian Dating

Set Up an Awesome Date

Sometimes going to dinner and a movie will cut it, but not always. Get to know your date before the event and see what she prefers. If she’s a nature lover, take her somewhere nice where you can take a walk, check out the scenery, have a picnic, and relax. If she’s into fancy fine dining, make a reservation at one of the top restaurants in town.

Bring Her a Nice Gift

Don’t show up to the date empty-handed. Get her some flowers, chocolates, a book, anything you can think of that she might like. She can keep it as a token of your appreciation and memory of your date.

Show Genuine Interest in Her

Another classic one of the lesbian dating tips is to show your interest. This means putting yourself on the backburner and focusing your attention on her. Ask her questions, get to know her, listen to her to understand, not to reply.

Let her know you had a good time

When the date is over, take her home or to her car and tell her explicitly that you enjoyed your date and should try it again. You can wait to see if she feels the same way before proposing a second date. If it feels right, maybe even go in for a kiss.

Don’t post on social media immediately

Another important one of the lesbian dating tips is to not advertise your date on social media before, during, or after for a while. You shouldn’t put it out there until it’s a sure relationship, and you don’t require exes and other people to weigh in before you are even together.