How to Know If She Likes You from Texts


Whether you’re a woman or a man, heterosexual or lesbian, and wish to determine if a lady is into you, you must learn what the flags are. But how to know if she likes you? Pay attention and inspect for clues.

No matter if you are sending texts to a girl you’ve met via a friend, if you’ve entered teen lesbian dating sites and commenced messaging a girl, or even if you’re conversing face to face, there are specific points she shall speak/text or do which can reveal if she’s interested or not.

Thus here are the tips you can’t miss on how to know if she likes you through text.

She keeps the conversation going

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If you keep sending her texts and she barely replies or takes an extended period to do so, then she’s probably not that interested. But if she goes out of her way to keep conversing with you, then she’s engaged in this discussion/budding relationship.

She will start a new random conversation, remember that she forgot to tell you something, use weird excuses (oh, I’ve had a dream and you were in it / I saw someone on the street and believed it was you / my mom said something that made me recall of you), anything to talk to you.

She gives you constant compliments

Everyone recognizes that giving some nice compliments goes a great way. It’s common sense that you’ll prefer someone more when they seem to relish and appreciate you. That’s why she’ll give you countless compliments. Some shall be about your appearance, intellect, kindness, and even simple compliments like how speedy you type, effortless to talk to, cultured, etc.

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She is usually nervous when communicating with you

If she is visibly nervous when you video chat, type, or engage in person, blushes, glances elsewhere, maybe even babbles or rambles on about something, that’s a good sign that she has feelings for you.

People are generally carefree, calm, and collected when they don’t have a crush on someone or they are in a secure and straightforward relationship.

Her body language is open and inviting

If you Facetime her or are meeting her in person, and her body is positioned towards you, if she makes eye contact and keeps touching her hair or face or even you, then she is definitely hooked.

Body language is essential and is one of the few clues that showcase everyone’s feelings. If several people are around, you can usually tell who is attracted to whom simply by studying their body language.

She keeps in mind everything you tell her

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If she remembers small details that even you forgot you’ve told her, it’s on. People have limited space in their brains for information, and if she dedicated some of that space to remembering facts, stories, jokes, random pieces of information about you, or something that intrigues you, she is clearly involved.

She quickly replies and makes time to chat

When a girl likes you, she shall set aside periods to chat. If something comes up, she informs you and ensures that you set another “date” to text. She won’t leave you on reading, and you won’t have to wait for hours to get a reply. She replies as soon as possible.

She subconsciously starts using your mannerisms

It’s been scientifically proven that when we like someone, we will unconsciously start mimicking what they tell and how they speak it, how they move, how they type, even how they curse. If you see her typing the same way, using certain words, even GIFs you’ve used before, it’s a definite sign.

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She is an open book

She doesn’t keep secrets from you; she tells you anything you wish to apprehend more about. She is available to chat about anything you are engrossed in, and she hopes you would do the same. If she encourages you to open up and discuss more in-depth, she fancies you.

She finds everything you say funny

In most cases, it’s safe to assume that you are not a comedian. You will be funny sometimes, but not 24/7, so if she laughs, LOLs, or sends you laughing-crying emojis constantly, you can tell she desires you.