GaysTryst Review

Like every other dating website, GaysTryst promises its user a platform to find love and enjoy what the online dating culture has to offer. Its features are similar to many lesbian dating sites.

To know more about gay dating apps, keep reading this article for a complete GaysTryst dating review; we will cover everything from real-life testimonials to navigating around the service. And at this link, you can find all the best lesbian dating websites!


Testimonials are a great indication of what a dating platform is like; here are two testimonials from users of GaysTryst

“I always found the traditional dating style not fitting my preference. There was just too much competition, little to no places for gay men to hang out freely, and to top it all, my introverted personality made dating in real life more challenging. GaysTryst dating app provided people like me a channel to find love easily, and honestly, I’ve been using GaysTryst for as long as I can remember, and the experience has been more than impressive. I’d always recommend it to my fellow gay men.” – Benjamin Grey

“Coming from a part of town where there weren’t many gay guys hang out and little to no gay bars or clubs, I had difficulty finding any eligible men to date. Yet I’ve been in multiple relationships with gay men, thanks to GaysTryst. My encounters have included dating long term, chatting casually, and indulging in hook-ups here and there. The only downside to using GaysTryst is the incomplete profiles; these make it hard to know a person and often make you question the website’s credibility.” – Daniel Damon

Who Can Use GaysTryst?

GaysTryst is a globally recognized website with more than 58,000 users from the USA and 70,000+ users from the UK. The website sees traffic of 500,000+ users on a monthly basis. Such a global user base is a great indication of how well the website caters to its users’ needs. The demographics of GaysTryst show that the website majority population of gay men are aged 25-35, followed by 35-44; hence you’ll find people of all ages there in search of love.

How to Sign up on GaysTryst?

gaystryst website

To sign up, here are the steps you need to follow.

Starting from the home page;

  1. Add your name, your age, sex, and gender you’re interested in (obviously men)
  2. Fill in your email address and verify it.
  3. Once the email is verified, you can add a profile picture or skip this step.
  4. The next step involves adding additional information like hobbies, occupation, and a brief description; you can skip this step as well.
  5. Congrats! You have a functioning profile and are now free to navigate.

Note that underage teens cannot apply; you need to be 18-year old or above. The only downside to the process is that linking Facebook to sign up isn’t possible.

How to Navigate Around?

gaystryst mathcmaking

Once you have a profile, you’ll want to navigate and engage in flirting with users on the website. To do this, you need to either browse profiles or navigate through members’ pages already present on the main page. Once you find someone you like, you can either add them to your favorite or send them a message (this feature is open to members only). Non-paying members can send out mass messages to multiple users at once, known as FlirtCast. You can also send “winks,” which are a quick sign of your interest.

How are the Profiles like on GaysTryst?

gaystryst profile quality

Since the signup process has multiple steps that you can skip, you’ll often come across partially completed or empty profiles. This, however, doesn’t mean that the profiles are fake. Adding a profile picture has many steps and regulations moderating it. If a profile picture is deemed unfit, it is taken down.

The first things you’ll see when looking at a profile are necessary information like their name, age, distance from you, a block and report button, and a profile picture on display. On further clicking the profiles, you can see additional information such as occupation, a short introduction, hobbies, hair colour, and blood type. If a user lacks these details, you can request them to fill it in.

Review of GaysTryst Dating App

This one of the best gay bear websites doesn’t feature a functional GaysTryst dating app for either Android or Apple users. Most members are forced to navigate GaysTryst and chat with partners on the web browser. A plus point is that the website has a mobile-friendly viewing option. The mobile website functions similarly to the PC version with a few changes here and there within the layout. The website design is user-friendly and offers a great user experience.

Ease of Use

The website features typical cool-toned hues most dating services use, which can either provide a sense of familiarity or a boring design layout. Moreover, the blues, greens, and reds offer a sense of highlight to particular aspects of the website, such as the logo, premium membership upgrades, and inbox.

Besides the colours, the website is user friendly for gay men of all ages. Even someone with the bare minimum knowledge of using a dating site can easily navigate GaysTryst.

Additional Features

1. Profile Markers

Profiles that are suspicious of being fake or a scam can be marked to be reviewed by the site moderators. This feature also comes in handy when premium members want to filter out who they get messages from. Additionally, trusted profiles have a mark on them as proof of their ID verification.

2. FlirtCast

A mentioned earlier, the FlirtCast feature allows you to send a generalized inviting message to a large number of people at once, and this feature doesn’t require you to pay for it, unlike the general chat messaging.

3. Videos

You can add videos to your profile to provide yourself a better chance of being approached. However, this feature is for Premium users only.

Anti-Scam and Customer Support

gaystryst support

GaysTryst values customer satisfaction above everything else. Hence, a 24/7 customer support chat and contact number are available where a customer support representative will answer all your queries. The ID verification mark is a safety feature to prevent being approached by ill-intended people.

You can report users you find rude, offensive, or pretending to be someone else. To further enhance the user’s safety, “safe mode” is present where you cannot be contacted by a profile reported as a scam.

Is GaysTryst for me?

You won’t know for sure the advantages of using a platform without trying it out. GaysTryst is a mostly free dating platform for gay men, so if you are a man interested in men, give GaysTryst a shot. The site works well for anyone who is in search of love or lust, friendship, or romance. There is something for everyone here.

More Websites like GaysTryst

If you like what GaysTryst has to offer, you’ll enjoy these dating apps as well

1. AdultFriendFinder

If you want to indulge in short fun-filled encounters, try AdultFriendFinder.

2. BuddyGays

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3. GayCupid

GayCupid is a Premium Dating app for more serious relationships.


GaysTryst is free to sign up dating platform with various price points for the different duration on premium membership; there are often a few promotional offers as well that you can avail of.

3-Day Trial: You can invest short-term before investing a lot from the get-go with the three days trial priced at $1.66/day.

Monthly Subscriptions: If you are ready to commit for the long-term, you can pay starting as low as $0.40 per day to $1.25 or get a 30% off promotional offer as well. The subscription plans start at 1-month and go up to 6-months.

Experts Conclusion

In recent years GaysTryst has grown exponentially and now has a dedicated user-base. All thanks to its easy to use layout and cheaper than average membership cost. The website’s purpose is like any other, for dating, hook-ups, and forming friendships, but unlike others, it has features unique to itself.


Is it Safe to Use GaysTryst?

Yes, in fact, unlike most dating platforms, GaysTryst has more safety features in place to protect the privacy and safety of its users.

How Do I Get a Refund?

The criteria to be eligible for a refund are very lax. You simply have to get in contact with their customer support helpline or email them. Soon your complaint will be given a number and addressed immediately. When emailing, you’ll need to send in along your email, name, date, and amount of transaction and reason for getting a refund (as part of quality control).

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