Golden Rules to Make Your New Lesbian Relationship Work

Lesbian Relationship

Once you’ve found a soul mate, it’s up to you to make this new relationship work. There are rules you can follow, and hope to have a healthy relationship with your newfound love.

For instance:

1. Try to be a good listener.

It can be hard to learn how to be an active listener, but you can practice. Stay away from the TV when having a chat with your girlfriend and maintain eye contact all the time. Avoid jumping to conclusions, and don’t interrupt. Avoid getting defensive and resist the temptation to glance at your mobile. Let her finish before you respond to her in any way, and it will make your relationship a lot healthier.

2. Don’t break your promises.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, as it can kill your relationship. If you make a promise to be somewhere for her, keep it and make it your first priority. Don’t be defensive and say it clearly if you think something might keep you from fulfilling her wish. Being honest about your life and issues will help establish the trust factor, which nurtures relationships.

3. Work on creating inside jokes.

It gets more comfortable when you two spend more time together. Creating rituals, nicknames, inside jokes, or some naughty just-between-you things will strengthen your relationship. An inside joke can make you crack up even when no one else gets it, but it freshens up your bond with your girlfriend.

4. Work on what you want to become as a couple.

It’s extremely important to give your relationship a direction. There’s no need to drop everything else in your life to throw yourself into your new fling. Letting yourself get stagnant can haunt you later, especially when the excitement of a new relationship wears off.

5. Sit with your girlfriend and talk about it.

You both can work towards your own goal and still keep saving for a romantic trip to a new land to ensure you have a place for each other in life.

6. Work often on creating sexy time.

Understand that you’re in a romantic relationship with another girl, so you have to find ways to make it more intimate. Don’t ignore her sexual desires and needs. Work together to have romantic dates – and don’t mind turning them into sex dates. Having spontaneous sex will also make it even better. Remember, good sex will go a long way in keeping your relationship going, so don’t ignore it.

How to Proceed When Your Lesbian Relationship Is Failing

Even when you try your best, some relationships won’t last. You should learn to move on in life, and thankfully, there are so many dating sites to help you find new lesbian dating partners in your local area. You can even check one of the best teenage lesbian dating sites on and get you started.

fail relationship

However, to survive and get better results out of your lesbian partner hunt, you need to be clear about a few things. For instance:

Understand that no one in the lesbian scene is really single. The sooner you understand it, the less heartache you’re going to experience down the line. The world for gay girls can be quite confined, and whether you like it or not, there’s always some undercurrent happening – one-night-stands, friends with benefits, exes with physical strings attached, and whatnot. It’s important to brush up your math and wisen up a little to avoid dealing with a broken heart. Use your instinct to decide if you’re with the right girl – she might not be single if she’s constantly on dating sites, behaves nicely only when you’re having a chat online, and doesn’t appreciate you in person beyond casual pleasantries.

It’s important to know if the girl you’re going to date is already single or not, but it’s equally important to understand when it’s right time to embrace the “ex” factor. The fact that she had an ex doesn’t mean she’s still not single and not into establishing a good relationship with you. For lesbian dating to work, it’s crucial to find a way to be cordial and even be friends with your flings and your exes. Know that gay girls are still too few in numbers – as many are still now getting out of their closets – so don’t feel bad if you notice your ex hanging out with another girl you may have dated in the past. Have an open mind and know when the time is right to let a new girl enter your life and make it better.

It all comes down to the fact that there are important rules to make your new lesbian relationship work. But, if something goes wrong, don’t despair. There’s support available, and you can always try online dating platforms to find lesbian partners, but be sure to educate yourself more about how things are in the lesbian scene to live a better life.