How to Let the World Know You’re a Lesbian

Sexuality can be difficult to understand. Many people commonly feel confused and lost, while emotions can also be exciting too. Understanding how to be a lesbian isn’t doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a culmination of feelings that you might explore through LGBT dating sites, or you simply might find yourself attracted to other women. You can find dating websites such as professional lesbian dating sites and lesbian BBW dating sites where singles can help you confront your feelings and sexuality.

If you’ve decided you’re a lesbian after understanding your feelings, it’s time to inform everyone. This is true should you want to find love and romance. Consider who you’ll be informing and their reaction too. Coming out is a time-consuming process, so be prepared for mixed feelings and opinions. Despite this, there’s no denying that coming out and letting people know you’re a lesbian is a step in the right direction. Everyone deserves to explore their sexuality, and informing people is one step in the process.

Recognising and Accepting your Sexuality

Lesbian coming out

As mentioned, sexuality can be highly confusing. Naturally, you’ll assume you should be attracted to men. So, those feelings you experience towards women might feel strange, so you suppress them. However, there’s no tick-box exercise available to work out you’re a lesbian because it’ll be something you feel. You might be a lesbian if you:

  • Are attracted to females
  • Feel you’re different from other women you know and don’t fit in
  • Experience confusion because of attraction to males

These feelings are normal but understanding your sexuality takes time. Recognizing the signs, you’ll begin accepting your sexuality. Accepting is about remembering that your feelings are right. Accepting your feelings will require you to explore them to help solidify them and understand they’re real. Confront hesitations, and you’ll learn about yourself and the journey. Finally, confidence is key, so believe your emotions and understand that people will need to accept them too. Accepting sexuality becomes something special and meaningful. The journey of life requires understanding and your sexuality becomes a crucial element of understanding more about your personality.

Finding Support as a Lesbian

The great thing about being a lesbian in the modern world is the wealth of support currently available. Fortunately, the internet has become an integral part of understanding your sexuality. You’ll find LGBT groups online that can provide the support you’re looking for.

You’ll also find that friends and family will be more supportive than you realize. Choose those who are more likely to be open and understanding. If they’ve also got friends who are part of the LGBT community, then things will become a lot easier for you.

Another avenue to explore is the literature available online. There is so much content available for you to enjoy that you can find support through reading the stories of other individuals. Additionally, you might find support through watching shows that have a focus on lesbian characters or a lesbian theme. This will provide an insight into life as a lesbian but will enable you to determine that it’s accepted and it’s absolutely fine to have feelings for the same sex.

Discovering Relationships and Exploring Them


The next step on this wonderful journey is discovering relationships and exploring them. Sure, understanding your feelings is a good thing but finding relationships is a completely different thing and something you should prepare for. Prior to becoming active, you should ensure that you are ready to begin looking for relationships. There’s no benefit from doing something that leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

Recognizing that time is important can help you make the right moves. There’s no point in rushing into things, so it’s time to make sure that you’re comfortable with your sexuality while you shouldn’t feel pressured into doing anything.

If you’re ready to begin looking, then the world becomes an exciting place. There’s plenty of online dating platforms to discover where you’ll meet real women. These platforms will enable you to explore your feelings and discover new people at the same time. The important thing to remember is to ensure you learn about people before asking them out. Allow everything to develop naturally, even simple conversations, because you’ll find everything easier and more fulfilling when you’re more confident.