Dating Tips for Shy Guys

shy guy

Finding it hard to approach girls, let alone start a conversation? Are you the shy, nervous type of person that struggles with dating? Men can really find it hard at times with the whole dating concept. We share our top dating advice for those quieter, shy types to help own your shyness and get the best from dating.

Dating Tips for Shy Guys Starting a Conversation

Not all men are loud, charming, outgoing, and confident enough to start conversations. There are mysterious, silent, strong types. Try our dating tips and start chatting:
• pay a genuine interest;
• ask questions; encourage her to talk openly;
• compliment her without cliched chat up lines;
• don’t try overly hard, act natural;
• take a genuine approach.

1. Challenge Your Inner Critic

Many people garner pre-conceived ideas about a potential suitor before even starting a conversation.
Guys are convinced they can’t talk to women, talking themselves out of it before even attempting to chat with a girl. Challenge it, ask why shouldn’t she be interested? Have the inner pep talk, then walk over and say ‘hi’.

2. Be Honest

Girls don’t want arrogant guys full of self-importance. They want genuine, honest men.
If intending to find a relevant match for regular dating, be genuine. Making up things to impress the ladies isn’t a good idea and hard to maintain.

3. First Date – Choose the Best Location

Already been online chatting to a girl using dating sites for shy guys? It is much easier to chat to a girl from the comfort of a mobile phone screen. When it’s time to date in person, consider where to go. Pick a quiet venue, public and safe, somewhere that allows you to talk. Start with something simple like coffee, for example.

4. Focus on Your Body Language

If you are shy and don’t have much to say, be mindful that your body language will do a lot of the talking. Don’t do negative things like folding your arms; take our dating advice and be open, relaxed, smile as you talk, and maintain eye contact. You don’t have to say everything with words.

5. Enjoy the Moment and Make the Most of It

Perhaps you have met a beautiful woman, you are on your first date, and it is going well. Now you just need to enjoy the moment and forget the shyness. If you find her attractive and you think she feels the same, seize the moment and perhaps try for that first kiss?

6. Be Proud and Own Your Shyness

Not all women or gays are looking for a hot guy that is full of confidence. Some like shy guys. They want someone genuine that is interested in them – not someone who is confident and perhaps a little too full of themselves. Be yourself and own it!

7. Read the Signals that She Is Giving You

Are you too shy to actually break the ice and chat to her, and you need a little help? Read the signals as she could just be waiting for you to make the first move.
• Does she keep looking over in your direction?
• Is she smiling/trying to maintain eye contact?
• Ask yourself, ‘is she checking you out’?
• Is she happy when you are around?
• What does her body language say?

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Step Up

Ask, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ She rejects you, isn’t interested, even seems to have her eye on someone else? Unless she gets pleasure from seeing guys suffer, she will be polite, courteous, and leave you with your dignity intact.

Leave the First Kiss for a Second Date

first kissNo rules are stating there has to be a first date. Even if there were, why conform to such rules? Be mysterious, leave her wanting more, create your own dating rules. Our final dating advice tip is to hold the kiss for the next date. Make her wait and keep her wanting more as the anticipation builds. You are testing if she is genuinely into you.

Whatever your dating quandaries, follow our shy guy dating advices. Discover what you are seeking right here online. Have the best time meeting your dream lover and succeed at dating.

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