What’s the Alternative to Mingle2?

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It goes without saying that if you are single and ready to mingle, online dating resources are the way to go. Nothing brings like-minded people together effectively and efficiently like web-based platforms.

Certain sites facilitate dating better, based on matchmaking and usability. So, as you prepare to partake in a long-awaited lesbian teen dating, consider choosing as an alternative to mingle2.

Lesbiedates vs. Mingle2 Comparison – Which Site Makes the Cut?

While both sites are proving a dating service, they are worlds apart in terms of member structure. Lesbiedates is exclusively a site for lesbian and bisexual women. However, there are things to consider, such as pricing, usability, and user base, before deciding which is the best teen lesbian dating site.

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Lesbiedates vs. Mingle2 Overview – What’s on Offer?

A quick Lesbiedates review shows approximately 750,000 users registered worldwide, while mingle2 boasts over 12 million members globally.

Our mingle2 review shows mingle2 caters to different orientations. As a teen dating site, Lesbiedates provides streamlined personals for lesbians, while mingle2 encourages gays and lesbians to join.

Prices – Lesbiedates Vis a Vis mingle2

In case we haven’t mentioned it, mingle2 offers abundantly more features for free users than many other sites combined. However, their paid plans need a bit more scrutiny.

Mingle2premium features on lesbiedates

  • 3 months = $29.85.
  • 6 months = $47.70.


  • 3 months = $32.40.
  • 6 months = $52.20.

As you can see, Mingle2 is slightly cheaper, with plenty of options available for free users as well.

mingle2 premium features

Users and Membership

Lesbiedates is a lesbian and bisexual teen dating site. As long as you seek teen lesbian dating, you are in the right place. The user base on Lesbiedates is one hundred percent females looking for bi or lesbian action. Users on mingle2 span every orientation, with a majority of them being older females.

Mingle2 boasts 150,000 American users, while the number of users on Lesbiedates (750,000) is spread over 6 continents. Both sites offer free membership plans, where users can test a few functions before joining.

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Ease of Use – User-friendliness for All

How about that, both sites offer search functions to limit search parameters. Mingle2 took a basic setup and incorporated that into their website. This works wonders as the site is easy to navigate, albeit with annoying advertisements.

The pop ads on Mingle2 can be frustrating, but Lesbiedates has an appealing appearance upon sign up. Suggestions are displayed in the highest quality on Lesbiedates, unlike Mingle2, with its advertisements for non-dating related topics. The sites offer optimized sites for on-the-go users.

Features of Mingle2 Vis a Vis Lesbiedates

As you peruse our Lesbiedates review, note that you can search for people based on orientation, body type, location, eye color, piercings, and education. The personality test also streamlines matches suggested for you.

On Lesbiedates, results are precise using mathematical approaches to matchmaking. Mingle2 has a mutual match system where users can decide if they like, don’t like, or might be interested in someone. Pay only for activities you engage in on Lesbiedates or take on the free-to-use plan on mingle2.

Security and Support – Are We Covered?

Profiles on Lesbiedates and mingle2 are manually scrutinized before approving them for full use. They also have a dedicated email ([email protected]) for all member concerns, or via the contact page. Lesbiedates offers customer service via email or the site’s contact form. Their support staff takes approximately 30 hours to respond, or you can reach them on 1-800-489-6091.

Who Should Use Them – Recommendations

Lesbiedates should be used by teenage bisexual or lesbian girls only. The site is focused on providing services primarily for said group of individuals. This Mingle2 review shows its versatility, proving it should be used by men and women of all ages seeking casual fun.

Expert Conclusion – Bottom Line?

Both sites have users’ security in mind. They both bring together singles on clean and easy to use platforms. As far as numbers, mingle2 boasts users in the millions, but with a much smaller membership base, Lesbiedates caters solely to lesbian teen dating. So who outranks the other? vs. Mingle2 – Do We Have a Winner?

In terms of personals (for teenagers), users (lesbians), and affordability (teenage users), Lesbiedates is a winner. Teenagers who need affordability, credibility, and safety, along with ease of use and seamless connectivity, should join Lesbiedates.