Tips for a first date

Tips for a first date


You’ve been getting to know one another online. Now, it’s time to meet. You need the advice to ensure the rendezvous goes smoothly. Whether your encounter has been set up by friends, you’ve met using a dating app, or you are heading out on your first rendezvous after meeting before – we take a look at our first date advice for girls and guys so you can relax and enjoy yourselves.

Our First Date Advice for Guys

Guys, while times have changed and modern dating has evolved, there is still mystery surrounding the proper etiquette of meeting someone. Who pays, where should you go, who arranges the meeting? What about chivalry like opening doors for her? We offer first date advice for guys to make sure you get it right.

1. Choose the Right Location for Your First Date

Where should you go? If you don’t really know a lot about each other, consider a venue where you can talk – at a dinner table? Avoid noisy locations where you have to shout to be heard.
Make Sure the Conversation Is Engaging
While getting to know one another, make sure the conversation is two way. Avoid controversial topics and follow these tips:
• don’t discuss politics;
• no religion (unless confident);
• don’t talk about your ex;
• keep talking about yourself to a minimum;
• ask your questions;
• don’t get serious too soon.

2. How to Present Yourself for that First Date

What should you wear, how much effort should you put in? These things are important factors. Don’t turn up like you’ve just finished a hard day’s work but dress appropriately for the occasion.

3. Be Aware of Your Body Language

Imagine your lover sits with folded arms for the whole date or didn’t crack a smile. That would make you feel like they weren’t having a good time, right? Be aware of your body language and how you are coming across to your date. Consider a relaxed posture, eye contact, and smile!

4. Be Interested and Make Yourself Interesting

Being interested in your lover will encourage engagement and make you seem more interested. When it comes to first date advice for men, if a guy is genuinely interested in you, it makes them more appealing.

5. A Perfect Match Doesn’t Require Perfect Compatibility

In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. So what if she’s not into the same sports and has no interest in cycling, for example. Think ahead to the future, do you want to go everywhere together, or is it healthy for people to have separate interests?

6. Write Your Own Framework for Dating

Who says you have to follow certain rules of dating or have to do what your friends say? Expectations can lead to disappointment or pressure. Have your own rules, set your own framework, and go with the flow.

7. Food Ordering and Building Trust on a First Date

There is a fine line between trust-building and looking like a control freak. If she has no idea what food to order, suggest things she could try. Order a few things, for example, and encourage her to try things? Just don’t order for her – it can appear bossy and creepy.

First Date Advice for Women

It’s time to look at first encounter advice for girls. The principles above work both ways but to recap:
• be relaxed and open with body language;
• chat but ask questions;
• smile and be interested;
• dress to impress but consider location;
• have fun; be that girl who is fun;
• be honest – if you don’t want to go somewhere, say so;
• be polite but not a pushover;
• go with the flow and relax.
For girls, there are rules of dating etiquette. Don’t expect him to pay but let him if he insists. If he wants to open doors or take your coat, is that a bad thing? Don’t succumb to the pressures – have fun.

Gay Dating Advice for a First Date

gayWhat is gay dating etiquette and does it even exist? Why not follow the same principles of first rendezvous advice for women or men? Does there have to be rules when you can write your own rules? Surely the whole idea of meeting someone is to get to know one another and discover what you have in common. Feel comfortable in one another’s company, and enjoy finding the right match.
Whether it is first rendezvous advice or specific rules you want to know, our tips are perfect for helping get the best out of meeting someone. Check out our site for more info or to discover your dream date!