The Best Sites for Hookup with Gay Men You Didn’t Know About

Many gay men think of gay hookup sites like Craigslist: it’s all the luck of the draw. However, this is actually far from the truth. If you want to hook up with gay men, then you can give yourself the best chance at success by joining the best sites for hookup encounters. On the other hand, choosing the wrong sites for hookup encounters will completely ruin your chances of success and could even put you off from online dating entirely! Truthfully, there isn’t a single best gay dating app. Different gay men will have better (or worse) results depending on the popularity of any particular site in their area, even if it’s a top-tier website! Fortunately, we’ve created a short list of the best services so you’ll always be able to find a hookup fast (regardless of where you live!).

How Sites for Hookup with Gay Men Can Improve Your Sex Life

If you’re still trying to contact other gay men the traditional way (face to face), then we have bad news: you’re wasting a lot of time! The IRL approach has a bunch of different problems, the first of which is determining whether or not a guy is gay. Even if he is, he might already be taken, which means you’re back to square one again—no good! You won’t have these issues online, which is why sites for hookup encounters with gay men are better. Every profile you message is an interested guy ready to meet up with you. Since you’re both interested right from the get-go, you can skip the small chat & get right to the important bit: setting a time to meet up IRL!

Sites for Hookup with Gay Men

Dating SiteCostVisit site $29.00/month Visit site
GaysTryst $37.50/month Visit site $25/month Visit site
MenNation $35/month Visit site
Adult Friend Finder $39.95/month Visit site
Grindr $25/month Visit site
FriendFinder-X $40/month Visit site
Ashley Madison You can start with 100 credits for $59.00 Visit site

buddygays main page

Although (like many sites for hookup encounters) BuddyGays doesn’t have a mobile app available, gay men will still be able to easily find horny singles in their area using this platform. The community isn’t quite as large as some of the competing sites, with only about 300 thousand men using the site, but the people who do use it log in often, making it nearly impossible to ever experience a “dry spell.” The big appeal of BuddyGays is its active community: beyond that, it only offers basic messaging, a “Safe Mode,” & simple browsing features.

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gaystryst website

Older gay men tend to have limited options when it comes to finding a hookup. However, that’s not the case on GaysTryst! Members over the age of 50 make up the majority of the site, but there are singles of all ages who use this extremely active online dating platform. As a browser-based service, you can access GaysTryst from any device with a web browser, although the desktop version provides a superior experience. Premium membership (prices start at $0.99/day) is a must on this site: you’ll enjoy an unlimited chat, mass messaging, location-based matchmaking, and a swipe-like game called the “Like Gallery”!

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gaysgodating website

Enjoy casual flirting AND casual sex? Then join GaysGoDating, one of the sites for hookup meetings, dirty chat, and romance (all in one!). This male-only online community is designed specifically for gay men, making the experience a streamlined one. You can message individual users or reach a vast audience easily using the “Flirtcast” feature. Sadly, you’ll need a premium membership to do anything beyond creating an account, but with prices as low as $13.80 per month, it still costs far less than going out every night. People of all ages use this browser-based service, so there’s no need to worry about your age when joining GaysGoDating.

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MenNation main page

At over 25 years old, MenNation is easily one of the best gay dating & hookup sites out there. Men of all ages flock to this site for everything from casual sex to an in-depth conversation (and sometimes even long-term relationships!). Available in over ten different languages, MenNation has members all around the world, which makes it ideal for finding hookups while traveling. Free users can enjoy unlimited messaging privileges, but for a minimum of $15/month, singles can also use advanced search filters & unlimited sexy video streaming.

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Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder website

In terms of sites for hookup potential, you can’t get much better than AFF. Although this site is especially popular with gay men, literally anyone can sign up for this platform & likely find a hookup within hours! Complete with porn, erotica, and live cams, AFF is severely lacking in the romance department but more than makes up for it with the sex-positive atmosphere it provides. Available on mobile & desktop, this site has over 80 million users worldwide, making it the most popular online adult community around. Free membership is essentially useless, so you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan, which costs a minimum of $19.95/month.

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Grindr Sign in

Finding casual sex with gay men has never been this easy! Grindr is one of the most popular sites for hookup meetings that you can download to your favorite iOS or Android device for free. Although paid options are available (and offer a few advanced features), you actually don’t need to spend money to get laid using this popular service. With 27 million users and counting, Grindr will work pretty much anywhere in the world.

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FriendFinder-X main page

As far as sites for hookup encounters go, FriendFinder-X isn’t cheap: membership prices start at $20/month. However, for many guys, this membership is worth the price simply because of the service FriendFinder-X provides: you can find hookups, view erotica, watch sexy live streams, and learn new moves from the “Sex Academy”! Of course, as a sexually-based service, the romantic potential is severely limited on this site. Nonetheless, for those with access to a desktop computer (there isn’t a mobile version available), the combination of porn & hookup culture seems to be extremely appealing!

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Ashley Madison


Do you want more than “just another hookup”? If so, why not have an affair? At Ashley Madison, online dating is all about extramarital affairs, so join this platform full of millions of people stepping out on their primary partner. Grab your iOS/Android device (or a laptop) and your credit card because you’ll need a bit of cash to purchase credits, which are used in place of a monthly membership fee. People of all ages use this site, so no matter which age range you fall into, it’s very likely you can get laid fast with an attractive guy in your area.

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Dating Rules to Follow on Sites for Hookup with Gay Men

  • Be Clear with Your Expectations – When people reach out to your account, there’s a chance that they might be looking for more than just a hookup with gay men. If you’re only there for sex, you need to make sure they understand that so you don’t hurt their feelings. On the other hand, if you’re open to more, be sure to let them know that as well.
  • Don’t Get Attached – If guys you’ve met on sites for hookup encounters have made it clear to you that they only want sex, it’s vital that you don’t catch feelings or get attached. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to do this (even if you’re not trying to!). If you start to get butterflies, then it’s probably a good time to cut things off.
  • Establish Personal Boundaries – The singles you meet on sites for hookup encounters will all have vastly different sexual styles, preferences, and needs. Being kinky is fine, but it’s important that you establish your personal boundaries in the bedroom. Don’t forget to ask about your partner’s boundaries, either!


What are the best sites for a hookup with gay men for serious relationships?

Out of all the sites for a hookup with gay men, we’d have to recommend GaysTryst the most. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also male-exclusive!

Are sites for a hookup with gay men legit?

Not every site is legitimate: some just want to take your money without helping you hook up! We recommend sticking to the sites above if you want to be safe.

What are some tips for using sites for hookups with gay men?

Even if it’s just a hookup, guys like to know who they’re getting with. Make sure to complete your bio & update your status regularly!

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