The Different Types of Lesbians You’ll Meet Dating


In the same way as all other sexualities, many different people will make up these communities. Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, which keeps the world an exciting place. Furthermore, when you’re using lesbian hookup sites, you’ll come across different lesbian types. Initially, you might feel slightly shocked; after all, lesbians are all the same, aren’t they? No, essentially, lesbians share sexuality, but their personalities, interests, and characters can differ.

You might prefer a girly lesbian or someone more butch and man-like. Furthermore, you might prefer goth lesbians or those who are geeky, or perhaps you like using lesbian sugar momma dating sites. By now, you should understand that there’s a whole world of variety out there because lesbian types can vary from one person to the next. Therefore, learning about the different types of lesbian ladies will enable you to make better choices when discovering people using lesbian dating sites over 50. So, check out our guide and see what types of lesbians are waiting out there!

Types of Lesbians

The Butch Lesbian

Once you discover a butch lesbian, you’ll instantly understand what this title means. This doesn’t make them manly, but they’re manlier than your usual women. Their appearance often involves a shaved head, loose-fitting jeans, and they’ll often have a certain walk too. They’ll have many manly mannerisms such as nodding instead of answering, while they’ll also have tattoos. The great thing about butch lesbian singles you meet on dating platforms is their ability to take everything in their stride. Furthermore, they’re the type to protect, which is always a good thing. Don’t expect her to own heels, but she might have a soft spot for cats… which might surprise you!

The Athletic Lesbian

There’s nothing unusual about women wanting to keep fit and active. However, athletic lesbians will often compare themselves to men. So, whether they’re running or squatting, they’ll always have one eye on the guys because they’re mightily competitive. She’ll spend her life wearing active clothing, so don’t expect frilly dresses and heels. Her attitude to life is to get on with it and work hard because her mentality is all about competing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re bowling or rowing a boat on a lake; she’ll always want to win. When she lets her hair down, she enjoys a bottle of beer and isn’t afraid to show off her killer abs, although she knows what she wants in the kitchen!

The Boyish Lesbian

When you meet boyish lesbians on dating sites, you might think you’ve joined a Justin Bieber fansite! These types of lesbians are nothing like the butch lesbians we have mentioned above. They’ll have small facial features and will have their hair styled like a boyband member. They have a laid-back approach to their appearance which means you’ll find them in casual, cool clothing, and they certainly won’t have a floral dress in their wardrobe. They’re career-focused and are committed to getting what they want. They’re up-to-speed with technology and love living their lives through social media. Therefore, expect to take a step back and let them take control!

Types of Lesbians33

The Lipstick Lesbian

The Lipstick Lesbian is very much like a cheetah hiding amongst the long grass of the African plains. She’ll blend into society and will look like most other women out there. The skinny jeans and expensive taste in clothes will give her a unique appearance. Sure, expect someone high maintenance and someone who takes work, but it’s worth it. She’ll expect flowers and lavish meals while she’ll value the opinions of friends too! She’s a trendsetter and someone who is more likely to sip champagne than lager. Essentially, most people consider her straight, and it’s easy to see why. She’ll also get lots of attention from guys, although she won’t show them an interest because she prefers ladies!

The Alpha Lesbian

Alphas consider themselves to be the most powerful of lesbians. They’re at the top of the chain and can come across as frightening, although they’re an addictive type too. She’ll more than likely have several tattoos and short hair while she’ll have a dark and commanding dress sense. She’ll take pride in her perfect hairstyle and will believe she has the ability to turn straight women gay. Their confidence makes them stand out, and they’re more likely highly successful too. Conversation can prove challenging because she’ll always give the impression that her mind is elsewhere. So, expect someone who is hard work but still attractive and worth having on your arm.