Check Out the Best Lesbian Games Online

Lesbian Games

Sometimes all you crave is fun and excitement. Being a lesbian gives you the freedom to explore your sexuality, but there’s also much more waiting for you. There’s a wealth of lesbian games waiting to be explored. These games are designed to deliver hours of fun online, adding variety to your life. When you’re not exploring single lesbian dating sites, free games provide a completely new dimension. Whether they provide an exceptional level of play that delves into a world of same-sex relationships or something that keeps the mind active, they’ll provide an additional focus to help you find love.

Whether you’re exploring your sexuality using local lesbian dating sites or simply want something different to chat about with other lesbian singles, these free lesbian games (and several premium ones) are certain to provide everything you’re looking for. So, when you’re not experimenting by using Nigerian lesbian dating sites, check them out and immerse yourself in a completely new world of action, love, and challenges!

Lesbian Games Online2

Life is Strange

Released in 2015, Life is Strange follows a character known as Max Caulfield. She has the ability to travel through time, but it’s her relationship with her close friend Chloe that puts this option on our list. In episode two, Max has the potential to kiss Chloe and share her feelings too. And don’t let us start on that heartbreaking ending! Following prequel, Life is Strange: Before The Storm, follows Chloe, who also confesses her feelings for a character known as Rachel Amber, making it the perfect lesbian game.

The Last of Us

There is already chemistry between Riley Abel and Ellie (the main character of this critically acclaimed masterpiece) as they kissed in a previous release. It follows two confused girls on their journey through the unfriendly world, which gives lesbians something to relate to. It also comes with a dark shadow in terms of the gameplay, but it’s certain to keep you entertained and addicted when you’re not frequenting single lesbian dating sites!

Dishonored 2

This option is a cacophony of sexuality and questions that need answering! It’s focused around the character Emily Kaldwin who is a known bisexual, but she’s not alone, as there is another character involved known as Billie Lurk. As this plays out, you’ll soon discover she’s a lesbian, although this certainly doesn’t detract from the gameplay.


Too often, games lack diversity when it comes to sexuality. However, Prey throws everything into the air because the character Morgan Yu (either man or a woman) was also in a previous relationship…..with another lady! There isn’t a focus around love, but that simple element of same-sex interaction is enough to keep you feel represented.


Lesbian Games Online

Overwatch is a First Person Shooter, and not many expect this kind of game to have a lesbian character and representation, but it does! In steps, Tracer, who is an LGBT character, is one of the most prominently featured ladies in all marketing campaigns and game’s story.

Dating Life: Miley X Emily

This love story plays out as you assume the character of Miley. You’ll explore the dating world, helping her to embark on a first date for some time. This visual game has an indie vibe that makes it extremely enjoyable and addictive because who doesn’t love taking charge of someone else’s dating adventures?

Melancholy Love

Another visual novel style game, it has a dark vibe and undertone. However, once you strip away the gameplay, you’ll soon discover that there are plenty of stories throughout the game centered on lesbian action that you can play yourself. It’s a cute game that offers something unique, but it’s certain to keep lesbian singles wanting more!

Invisible Wings

Invisible Wings is a game based around acceptance as you’ll play a character known as Dawn. The game is a visual novel that has some real issues which might have meaning to lesbians, although the storyline will certainly appeal to those who have feelings for the same sex. The storyline is great and offers something different.

A Pinch of Magic

A Pinch of Magic is a game that is based around saving the cafe owned by your grandparents. It might sound slightly strange, but the game also enables you to find love which is where lesbian love and relationships come into play. There are women you can fall in love with, which makes this a lesbian-friendly game!