How to Tell if a Guy Likes You but Is Hiding It

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

Most men that are secretly into you but hide that fact behind subtle signs. Not everyone is Sherlock Holmes when it comes to detecting clues. Being part of the “singles team” is sad. If you’re tired of the “he loves me, he loves me not” game, then you’ve come to the right place. Dating shouldn’t be a game of guesswork. Here are a variety of indicators that you can scan to see if a man’s worth pursuing.

1. Giving nicknames

He teases you lovingly with nicknames. Nicknames have long been a sign of interest. Something like “Mr.Smart” is an indication of something you’ve done that caught their attention and is now a memorable part of their life. Other ways of nicknaming can be flirtatious, like “Charmer.”

2. You’re on his mind

Getting good morning or good night messages in chat every day without fail means you’re the first and last person on his mind. Gay men are often hesitant to show their true feelings; toxic masculinity is a thing even in the gay community. Sure signs like more skinship than usual or more compliments are proof of their interest. On gay dating sites, if you’ve been sent a “flirt,” that’s a 100% sign of liking.

man think3. Messaging tone

When online dating, you’ll notice changes in tone of messaging as time progresses. It will either become friendlier or distant. The former is a sign that he likes you. Using emojis may be a silly indication while messaging on gay and lesbian dating sites, but it’s a positive indicator of interest.

4. Increased nervousness

If you notice increased awkwardness around you, this means he has fallen head over heels. Sweaty palms, nervous laughter, and awkwardness in sentences represent he wants to say the right things and make you laugh to leave a good impression.

5. Being open

When you chat, being honest and open about life, relationship, insecurities, ambition, and interests is a huge deal. Already on this step? Then there isn’t any other sign to wait for. At this point, you might as well be one year into your relationship.

6. He listens

In same-sex relationships, when someone is interested in you, it’s a sign of interest. Interest is peaked in those wanting to explore what it’s like being with you; they might even secretly romanticize what it’s like getting together.

7. Respecting Boundaries

If he loves you, he will respect your boundaries. Anyone looking for hook-ups wouldn’t care whether you’re comfortable and won’t mind crossing limits to privacy and boundaries. Guys who like you won’t sleep with you right away. If he treasures you, then respecting your boundaries will be the first thing on his mind.

8. Mirroring body language and maintaining eye contact

Mirroring body language has long been a sign of interest; it’s textbook knowledge. The eye is a channel to the soul; if there are prolonged periods of repetitive eye contact, then he digs you. Prolonged mutual eye contact and gazing deeply into a partner’s eyes will help build feelings of passion and affection.

9. Making plansguy in the park

Making plans for next dates or spending time together means you’re actively being pursued, and your presence is meaningful. If he puts an effort to be with you and cancels other plans to take a moment of your time guarantees that he loves you.

10. Invites you to meet friends

If you’re ever invited to hang out with his friends, then he is into you. Friends are the first people who gay men come out to. Friends are like a second family. This is an excellent tactic of showing his friends his love interest and spending time with you, smartly killing two birds with one stone.

11. Sharing stories

If you’re regularly told stories about their day, from frustrating days at work to funny encounters on the street – it is a sure sign. Add embarrassing stories that are all shared with someone you’re comfortable with, and that’s a sure-fire sign the guys is yours from head to toes.

12. Kind gestures

Same-sex relationships also have to deal with toxic masculinity. If he isn’t afraid to show your random acts of kindness, then he is ready to stand up against the world to give you affection and make you feel loved.

13. Saying it

There is no better sign of knowing he likes you until he says it. One can’t keep waiting for things to work out. If he is interested in you, he will work it out.